Chip packaging in SMD metal and ceramic packages

Packaging for high temperature applications

We offer a wide range of assembly technologies for the correct packaging of your products. You can rely on proven complete solutions or use individual processes according to your requirements. Our production is certified according to ISO9001. On request, we can perform individual qualifications and testing according to a wide range of standards.

Our packaging is specialized in:

  • Processing of special wafer materials such as silicon, glass, quartz, lithium tantalate, lithium niobate, etc.
  • Packaging of components in ceramic SMD and metal packages / DIP packages
  • Packaging for harsh environmental conditions, e.g. for aerospace and defense applications
  • Packaging for high operating temperatures up to 350°C

The available technologies include:

Chip assembly

  • Plasma treatment with O2, Ar and other gases and mixtures
  • Feeding of chips from wafers up to 200mm / 8"
  • Automated package feeding
  • Automated adhesive dispensing


  • Roll seam welding (Seam Welding)
    • Welding of components with edge lengths of 2mm to 50mm
  • Projection welding (Projection Welding)
    • Sizes from 2mm to max. 36mm edge length, also round components (circumference max. 144mm)
  • Tightness up to 10-9 mbar*l/s
  • ealing takes place under inert gas atmosphere, e.g.
    • N2 / H2 mixture
    • Purified dry air
    • Sealing under different gas atmospheres, mixtures of 3 different gases possible
  • Fine leak tightness test

Laser processing

  • Workpiece sizes of approx. 300mmx300mmx200mm can be processed
  • Positioning and laser accuracy up to 25µm
  • Markings of all kind
  • Cutting of workpieces up to 500µm thickness