Passive, wireless temperature measurement at high temperatures

SAW TEMP gives you full control over your temperature processes - at all times and under all conditions! Measure the temperature in machines and systems wherever wired measurement is not possible, even at high ambient temperatures, on rotating and moving parts and in strong electromagnetic fields or ionising radiation. Ideal for many industrial processes.

Advantages of SAW TEMP

  • wireless temperature measurement
  • extreme temperatures from -180°C to 350°C
  • reading range up to 15 metres
  • ully passive - no batteries
  • clear identification of the measuring point
  • robust against environmental influences such as radiation or electromagnetic fields


  • process monitoring
  • Industrial ovens and baking ovens
  • Vacuum chambers / autoclaves
  • pressure vessels
  • processing machines
  • Rotating and moving equipment

Products and services

We offer you the full service around:

  • SAW sensors
  • antennas
  • Radio link and signal transmission
  • readers
  • software
  • system integration

You can find our SAW TEMP products in our catalogue!

Would you like a solution for your personal application? Please contact us! Together with you, we will put together a SAW TEMP system exactly for your application.