Governmental funded project: SAW Patient Protection System for the Radiotherapy

Methods of radiotherapy are widely used in medicine. The Municipal Hospital Dresden operates in this field an X-ray therapy facility. With this, approximately 800 patients are treated each year, primarily in degenerative joint diseases, but also with near-surface tumors. To generate the radiation, an X-ray tube is used in such a system. With the help of special focus tubes of different size the size of the radiation field is adjusted to the clinical findings. A disadvantage of the system is that it does not recognize which tube is inserted. This means there is a risk of incorrect irradiation if the tube is selected incorrectly.

The aim of the project is to eliminate this source of error and to develop an automatic tube recognition, which reliably prevents a false irradiation through the use of the wrong tube and increases the safety for the patients. In order to facilitate the work of the medical personnel the tube recognition is to be carried out wirelessly without manual interaction over a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system. Commercially available RFID systems based on semiconductors are sensitive to X-radiation. For this reason, the innovative SAW IDENT Technology from SAW COMPONENTS Dresden is to be used, which will enable the wireless identification of the tubes even in continuous use under X-radiation.

The project is supported by the city of Dresden within the scope of the Special Funding Guidelines for Innovation Promotion.

Wir stellen ein! [UPDATE]

Wir stellen ein! [UPDATE]

- Operatoren (w/m/div)

- Appliktationsingenieur für Hochfrequenztechnik (w/m/div)

- Ingenieur für Aufbau- und Verbindungstechnik in der Produktion (w/m/div)

- Ingenieur für Aufbau- und Verbindungstechnik in der Projektbearbeitung (w/m/div)

- Hardware- / Softwareingenieur für drahtlose Sensorsysteme (w/m/div)

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SF915G: The broadband filter for 902-928 MHz with only 1 dB insertion loss

New on the SAW website we present the SAW Filter SF915G. This filter provides a broad bandwith for the use in the ISM Band 902 bis 928 MHz combined with a minimized insertion loss of just 1 dB.

The major specifications are:

Passband: 902 - 928 MHz

Insertion loss: 1 dB (typical), 2.7 dB (maximum)

Package: SMD 3x3mm² ceramic package

very good side band rejection

and last but not least: this filter will be available continously and not be discontinued!

Click here for the datasheet:


Misinformation: SAW filters are NOT discontinued!

Contrary to a faulty entry in a distribution catalog, the SAW filters listed there, for example the SF1575L, are not discontinued and still available.

You are invited to contact us directly.

Space-qualified SAW filters

The SAW devices of SAW COMPONENTS return to space! Because of the special properties of SAW components, these are predestined for use in space. In contrast to semiconductor components, the piezoelectric components are not affected by stellar radiation.

After SAW transponders have already been used in past space missions to track the clothing of astronauts, there are now new tasks for SAW filters from SAW COMPONENTS in space. On behalf of a customer, four new SAW filters were developed for use in satellites last year.

In order to prove the special suitability for the work in space, these components were subjected to a special space qualification and successfully tested for mechanical, electrical and thermal stresses.
The space qualification is also available on request for all other components of SAW COMPONENTS.

New development project: SAW Transponder with humidity limit sensor

For many applications, in addition to the temperature, the humidity is a significant indicator to monitor and control processes and to assess the quality of inventory and supply chains.

Funded by the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE) of the European Union the Partners Technical University of Dresden, Schneider Electronics and SCD are developing in their new research project



a SAW humidity sensor systems, which provides information about the humidity

  • battery-free
  • wireless,
  • over a range of several meters.

In the future, the use in a wide range of applications is planned, including the storage of moisture-sensitive goods or the construction industry.



SAW Symposium 2016 in Dresden

The internationally since 2010 established SAW Symposium will be organized jointly by IFW Dresden / SAWLab-Saxony, the SAW Components Dresden GmbH and the Silicon Saxony e. V. this year.

From 20th to 21st October 2016, the event will take place at the Hilton Hotel Dresden.

The symposium provides a platform for scientific exchange of ideas and informs partners from science and industry on new research results and innovative applications in the field of surface acoustic waves (SAW). Their triumph march occured SAW devices initially to as high-frequency filters in telecommunications. Meanwhile, they are among the key components of modern industrial society and are used in the areas of "Industry 4.0" and "Smart Home", for example, for monitoring and control processes where other technologies cant be used due to the harsh environmental conditions or moving equipment. In addition to the already established field of SAW sensors micro actuators based on SAW are presented the first time, this year. So these new devices are increasingly applied for mixing and atomizing as acoustic micro-forceps or for the transport of fluids or droplets in the field of microfluidics. They are a research focus in SAWLab of the IFW Dresden. Remote readout SAW sensors, for example, for gas pressure, force or temperature measurement as well as associated readers and antennas but remain in the focus of the symposium.

More information can be found here:


Exhibition & Sponsorship

The SAW Symposium provides an excellent way to achieve research engineers from academia and industry. Therefore, we invite you to present yourself as an exhibitor or to support this international symposium through a sponsorship.

Information can be found here:

Register as a visitor:


20.10.2016 1st Day SAW Symposium

  • 09:30 - 18:00

21.10.2016 2nd Day SAW Symposium

  • 08:00 - 16:00

20.10.2016 - 21.10.2016

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Hilton Dresden Hotel
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01067 Dresden

Hilton Dresden Hotel

Miniaturized SAW Sensor Modules


The smallest SAW sensors like the SS2450BB3 or the SS434FO4 cannot show their full potential if the complete sensor modules including antenna are much bigger than the sensors itself.

Therefore SAW COMPONENTS Dresden presents three new miniaturized sensor modules:


The big and strong brother of the M4 temperature sensor is this M10 variant with flat dipole antenna. Ideal for rough applications in which the sensor has to be robust and easy to handle but still small and compact.

Simply fix it this a usual wrench and start measuring: The sensor is fit for applications up to 275°C and short reading ranges around 10cm, depending on the reading antenna.


The smallest SAW temperature sensor at all: A SS2450BO2 temperature sensor in a M4 threaded screw combined with a 10mm flagpole antenna provides wireless and batteryless temperature measurement up to 200°C with minimal influence on the measuring point.

By its small mass and a special construction this module is resistant against strong vibrations and therefore ideal for the application in engines and other applications with strong burdens.