SAW IDENT Transponder enable intelligent asset tracking and logistic controlling in harshes environments. SAW IDENT Transponder withstand even high temperatures up to 700°C, strong electromagnetic fields and ionizing radiation.

SAW COMPONENTS Dresden provides customer specific transponders fitting exactly to your application. We would be pleased to consult you!

SAW IDENT Transponder

Cow Ear Tag - STCET2450

  • electronic cow earmark for international identification
  • Coding: 20 bit, 50 bit
  • Reading Range: up to 3 meters
  • Resistant against harsh barn environment
  • Durable and batteryless

Cow Neck Tag - CNT2450

  • Electronic animal identification and logistics transponder
  • Coding: 16 bit, 20 bit
  • Reading Range: up to 15 meters
  • Resistant against mechanical force
  • Use on metal; batteryless
  • Available also without neckband slider!

high temperature tag - STUHT2450

  • Ladle Tracking and container identification in the steel industry
  • Coding: 16 bit
  • Reading Range: 5 meters
  • Operating temperature up to 350°C
  • Weldalbe or screwable batteryless tag

Transponder for hot surfaces - STUHT2450-S

  • Asset tracking in the steel manufacturing, i.e. beam blanks, billets
  • Coding: 16 bit, 20 bit
  • Reading Range: 5 meters
  • Operating temperature: surfaces up to 700°C